Working with new Poeboy Records acts
The president of Poeboy Records has been in touch, as he is trying out a few of my songs with his new acts. More to follow.

“Winners” on SKY Sports
A song I co-wrote with J.R Rotem (Rihanna, Britney etc) and performed by Pete Brame was played on SKY Sports this weekend to capture the mood of the Dubai Golf Tournament

Vocal Sample Recording Session
What a day. I wrote and recorded 6 songs in just one day for this vocal sample CD! As it turns out, 2 of the songs are not going to appear as samples but are going to be turned into dance releases – so a very worthwhile day and such great fun!

Vocal Sample CD
I have been asked to be the featured vocalist on a Vocal Sample CD. Not only do I provide the vocals, but I also provide the lyrics and the toplines for which DJs and producers can purchase and use freely. Initially I was unsure whether this was the right thing to do, ie give away copyright, but this is 2012, so I am going for it it!

Success with Rachel Liang
Rachel Liang of South East Asia is to release one my songs that I co-wrote with Francesco De Santi on her new album, which will be launched in 2013.

Writing with TWIN again
It’s nice to be back working on a couple of projects with Joacim and Niclas again, good guys.

Good news from Asia
One of the biggest boybands in Japan will be releasing one of my songs in the Spring of 2013. It’s all very hush hush!

Your best song never cut
I have set up a group on Facebook called “Your best song never cut.” The idea behind this group is that most of us writers have one song that we love, but we have never managed to get it cut. So this is a place where all these great undiscovered songs can get a bit of exposure and hopefully find a suitable home.

Co-wrtiing with J.R Rotem
I have just finished a co-write with J.R Rotem called “Winners” – very pleased with it. J.R has worked with the likes of

Make Believe chosen as theme song for McDonalds Charity
Make Believe has been selected as the theme song for the McDonalds charity worldwide. The video of Make Believe will be shown on screens in all McDonalds restaurants.

Make Believe top 40 radio charts for 20 weeks
Very pleased to say that Make Believe, recorded by Sibel has remained in the Swedish radio charts for 20 weeks now.

Sibel Redzep album goes top 10
Sibel’s album “Diving Belle” featuring the Howard/Athale track “Make Believe” has entered the charts at number 7