I am lucky enough to be able to make music as part of my life. From fronting rock bands in the early years, to now writing songs for other artists and releasing solo projects.

I am always trying to write a better song than the last one. Whenever I am part of an artist project, I will try very hard to understand the essence of the artist and work together to make the final result something that everyone is happy with.

My first artist project was working with the super talented Yohanna with Ric Wake in New York, since then I have had releases in Europe, Asia and the U.S. One of my favourite experiences was writing alongside the likes of Burt Bacharach and Randy Newman for the Irma Thomas album “Simply Grand”, which went on to be nominated for a Grammy.

I love collaborating with different writers and producers and have had the pleasure of working with J.R Rotem, TWIN, Rob Davis, Filip De Wilde, Jeffery David, Phil Anquetil and many more.